The Friday List


Last weekend was a fairly big one for our Farm Kitchen, and family. Saturday, as part of the Orange Wine Week program, we co-hosted our second Moveable Feast event with The Agrestic Grocer and it was loads of fun; a great busload of people and a beautiful, if not rather hot day. Then on Sunday we celebrated our Tom’s fifth birthday with a little party (pics above and below) with just a handful of his friends, a few foam light sabres (thank you Rachel Goodsir for that fantastic tip!) and one incredible cake made by my friend Kathy. I’m really really bad at cake decorating so for the past two years have outsourced Tom’s birthday cake to this clever lady. Thank you Kathy - he was literally jumping up and down with excitement when it came out.
I hope you all have lovely weekends planned, ours, thankfully will be a fair bit quieter than last. And for now, here are a few links for your reading and cooking pleasure! Sophiex

Ps - we now have a beautiful cabinet of 1803 Artisan Deer goodies permanently at the Farm Kitchen (see below) so please let me know if anyone wants to come and have a look sometime. 

I was really thrilled to appear over on one of my favourite Australian blogs The Countryphiles last week, thank you Danielle for your can read the interview here.

Now that daylight saving and warmer weather has arrived, we are thinking about barbecues and easy dinners...the recipe for these venison and pear burgers was sent to us by a lovely lady who came along to the Farm Kitchen last weekend and I can’t wait to try it. It comes from the River Cafe’s Hugh Fearnley Wittingstall. Thanks Hugh.

Everyone loves a noodle salad, and it's almost the season where you have to bring a salad to dinners and things...this one's coming with me.

Tim’s sister Penny has some really stunning new pieces in her 1803 Artisan Deer Design collection and they’re all available to purchase now! From buttery soft deer leather coasters to stunning Ipad cases, handbags, purses and the full range of hand-forged knives. These all would make beautiful, unique Christmas presents - pop over to her online shop to see more..
Island Menu captures Tasmania so beautifully, and their whisky gravlax looks pretty great too!

All the ways to write a recipe via the awesome MADFeed

Love the look of this family home. It has inspired me to de-clutter my own.

Can't wait to try this clean, green soup from My Darling Lemon Thyme

Blood orange season is almost over...just enough time left then to make this marmalade with bourbon.

The Lunchlady goes up against Aeroplane cheesecake and WINS! Of course. I love this blog. Also a bit keen to try this healthy snickers recipe. Can it be true?

The Provenance Project


A couple of weeks ago, an old friend of ours, photographer Ted Odonnell came to stay. Ted is a friend of my brother Will’s but also one of the most intuitive, generous and talented photographers around. He had come to take some photos of life on our Mandagery Creek Venison farm as part of Beerenberg’s Provenance Project.

It was all pretty serendipitous really - I’ve been working with Beerenberg for a year or so now, writing recipes for this family-run business based in South Australia and have always been super impressed by their committment to supporting Australian farmers in their range of products.

As Beerenberg’s marketing manager and family member Sally Paech says, ‘the idea for our Provenance Project stemmed from a love of what we do on the Beerenberg farm and a belief that knowing where our food comes from and celebrating the people who help produce that food is not only vital in building a sense of community but also important for our general health and wellbeing’. Nicely said Sal!

So when the Paech family there contacted us to see if we’d be happy to participate, we of course said yes. And then, by coincidence, it turned out that Ted was to be the photographer!

He captured some beautiful images of our farm and deer and I’m really thrilled to be sharing just a few of them here.

For more photos and information on this project, please jump over to the Beerenberg page and have a read. Or you can view galleries of Provenance Project pics via Pinterest; there's a collection of pics from Shelamar Station near Broome in WA, some beautiful images from Cygnet Bay and more to come! What a fantastic initiative.

Two for Tuesday


Two for Tuesday is back after a little break last week (I'm blaming a dodgy internet connection), and today we have a couple of beauties...first a bright market salad with fresh feta and then these pretty (yummy) fig and rose muesli biscuits. Easy peasy and perfect for these warm Spring days.

Have a lovely day everyone, Sophie x

The Friday List


Yesterday evening we went for a little walk on the farm. In the five days since I've been away, it seems like the grass has grown almost a foot, that summer has precociously arrived and with it, some kind of seed has released itself into the air making half of our little household (Tom and I) sneeze and wheeze all day. Never mind. It's good to be home.

Here are a couple of pics from our stroll, Alice grabbed my camera while I was closing a gate and snapped this as I turned, and as someone who hates all photos of herself, here's one I don't mind that much. Thanks my little friend.

Orange Wine Week is in full swing here in our parts and tonight's night market at Robertson Park is going to be fantastic. We are going (not with our own stand this time, just as punters - yay) and then heading home to prep for a big lunch at the Farm Kitchen. Sunday is dedicated to Tom's fifth birthday celebrations and we're doing a bit of a 'star wars in the paddock' thing. Hope you all have fun weekends planned too - with a little spare time perhaps to catch up on a little e-reading...and here are a few links to get things started...

Eat this poem's literary city guides are my favourite kind of travel writing - smart, beautifully written and packed with wonderful insider tips and with a big fat focus on seeking out the best, most authentic food experiences in town. Am bookmarking this one for the Morocco trip we are taking next my head/dreams.

I lap up every post on Lady and Pups and loved especially this one. Am definitely making mean santa sauce for Christmas this year.

One bowl banana bread cinnamon rolls - can't wait to try this recipe.

Chocolate glazed toasted coconut donuts from Oh Lady Cakes. Oh Wow

Love this blog and really really love the look of these salty pecan vanilla oat cookie sandwiches

London Bakes is my new favourite blog of the week.

Oh wait - no, My Blue and White Kitchen is too. Holy moly, everything about this blog draws me in; I adore scandinavian baking and this blog is chock full of sweet, spiced, yeasted goodness. What a find!

I have been wanting a waffle-maker for ages and this post just tipped the scales completely for the waffle camp. How beautiful do they look!

We are saving our pennies to build a little pantry for our kitchen (currently everything is shoved into three big drawers and it's a bit frustrating...) so this post by SF Girl by Bay has given me loads of ideas. None of them in my price range but still inspiring!

Orange and Rosemary Cordial


Homemade cordials are one of my favourite things to make, give and drink. They are a great way to use up an excess of pretty much any fruit, need hardly any time and equipment and are just beautiful when mixed with sparkling water, perhaps some nice gin or other spirit and a few herb leaves (think rosemary, thyme, lemon balm, verbena or mint).

With summer fruits not too far away now and the festive season hot on their heels, I'm starting to think about pretty things to put in bottles for Christmas presents and toasting, and this beautiful rosemary and orange cordial has the ball rolling. We drank some last week on a picnic with Mum's art students and it was gorgeous. Come December, I'll be making batches with strawberries (and maybe black pepper and thyme as per this gorgeous recipe), maybe an Anne of Green Gables-inspired raspberry mix? Then later in summer may come a blackberry and star anise cordial.

Orange and rosemary cordial

Grated zest of three oranges
3/4 cup caster sugar
2 long sprigs rosemary
2 cups freshly squeezed orange juice

Pour one litre of water into a large saucepan and add the orange zest and one of the rosemary sprigs. Bring just to the boil then remove from heat, stir in the sugar until dissolved and pop in the fridge to cool down for 10 minutes. Discard the rosemary sprig then stir in the orange juice and return to the fridge.

When ready to go, pour the orange syrup into a large jug or punch bowl-ish-container, add the remaining rosemary sprig, pour in water to taste and fill with ice (I like to go with a ratio of four parts water to one part orange syrup mixture). Recipe adapted from one given by Stephanie Alexander in The Cook's Companion.

The Friday List


Good morning, and here's another little Friday list for your weekend reading pleasure! Hope you all have lovely things planned. I'd love to spend much of the next two days curled up with a few good books and endless cups of tea but instead am en route to Rydal for another stint in the kitchen cooking for Mum's residential art classes. It'll be fun but not all that restful!

Tim instead, is heading to Sydney for Saturday morning's Northside Produce market, so if you are in the area-ish, go and see him for some of our beautiful Mandagery Creek Venison. Have a great weekend! Sophiex

I'd like to host and/or go to a dinner party like this one by the Forest Feast  or perhaps this potluck feast via A Daily Something.

The anatomy of the perfect breakfast in bed.

I am so excited to discover this new Australian blog; love the photography, the writing and the whole gist of The Dailys

Another great bloggy discovery this week; La Casa Sin Tiempo is full of stunning photography and great recipes. Tick.

Call me Cupcake goes to Iceland. Sigh.

Eat the brownie already... I loved this manifesto on eating via the Rookie.

And speaking of eating chocolate-y things. How beautiful is this tart!

When I get home next week, I'm so going to make a big batch of these whole wheat pop tarts 

Apparently, you are not interesting when you talk about these things... reading through the list, I realise I talk about a few of them quite often. That's a worry.

How to make sourdough bread from scratch - and it doesn't look too scary.

I was so thrilled to be able to profile one of my food heroes Tamsin Carvan on the blog this week. And then more so to be allowed another peek into her world via a Design Files feature on the lovely lady just the next day. 

And finally, I know I've mentioned this many times here before; but my Mum Annie really is a wonderful art teacher and next March (2015) will be heading over to Portugal (!!!!) to teach a residential art class in the Algarve (!!!). This really will be a wonderful experience - all the details can be found here.

Two for Tuesday


Today's picks both come from a post I ran this time last year after artist Harriet Goodall came to teach a couple of basketry workshops at the farm kitchen. We wove, drank iced tea, ate the above chickpea, roasted vegetable and sumac salad, our venison pies and finished with biscotti and more tea. It was a great day.

Harriet was profiled in the Design Files this week (it's a fantastic story) so I thought we should relive this moment reflected in her glory! Go Harriet!
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